•October 5, 2007 • 1 Comment

Throughout history, clothes have been worn not only for warmth and as a covering, but also, with continuous variety and uniqueness. Clothing has its own language which communicates status, wealth, personality, and the social and moral values of people. As we research the evolution of costume, we have the opportunity to glimpse into the past and examine the changes over the years in clothing styles–changes that are affected by textile supply, manufacturing techniques, and the religious atmosphere of each culture.

As the fashion of today reflects the “freedom” that each individual is entitled to, many people we know are searching for a better style. Our purpose in creating this website was not to say that we don’t believe in dressing modern, but we hope to communicate that we should not be slaves to the dictates of fashion. We hope that as we grow, you will be encouraged and inspired to ignore the ugliness that is called beautiful and look for something more wholesome and truly attractive.

With six girls in the house, most of what we have done so far have been historic costumes. We’ve never been involved in reenactments, but we’ve attended many historic events, thus the large supply of costumes. We have plans for clothing that would be appropriate everyday wear, so keep your eyes open for those!

With great delight, we welcome you to the Celtic Knot Milliner website!


Tiffany and Jessica McDonald, Seamstresses